Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monroe Posing For Moran


  1. Damn, another rough day at work for Earl.
    I might be projecting but I bet after a while he could even smell her under the hot lights over the fumes of the paint.

  2. Oh I'm sure of it... she's 19-yo in this pic - nice 'n fresh.

  3. 19? Before she was despoiled by JFK?
    Those are the luckiest couch cushions ever.
    I hope they never cleaned them.
    and the punchline is that Moran saw this kind of "stuff" every single day at his grueling 9-5 grind. Yawn...

  4. Yes before she was 'despoiled' (in 3-ways) by JFK.
    So my left nut is going to Rolf and Earl might as well have my right one...


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