Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plymouth Concept 1960


  1. The XNR, a heavily modded Valiant.(The Valiant taste death but once, the Coward a thousand times)
    Named by Virgil Exner (XNR fast) senor designer. 225hp Slant six power. Not a big fan of asymmetry in cars myself, except for maybe, some Mercedes, and Jags. This needs wider tires.

  2. Needs more chrome.

    You sure do know your cars. I'll start posting images of puppy dogs and flowers - that'll throw you for a loop... then again, somehow, I feel you'll know all the latin names of the flora and fauna and their biological classification.
    I've got to stop looking at pretty pictures and get back to hitting the books.

  3. Totally agree: needs more chrome. Looks like a car from Speed Racer's cartoons.

  4. Wild, wild, WILD!

    Rear fins look like early Thunderbird.

  5. And the passenger eats bugs or wears mask and goggles

  6. hahaha - that's not going to go over well after a girl has done-up her hair and touched-up her make-up..."Here, put these on..."
    SLAP !


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