Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Poor Man's Godiva


  1. Tht's not a poor Godiva, It's a zoofilic preshow!

  2. hahahaha - it's a nudist at the Grand Canyon.

  3. The Glitzy Show Business life of a top TJ Donkey Show performer is not easy. 3 shows a night and 2 matinees, The partying, fast living, fake Viagra, and hard drinking takes it toll. Plus having to be "ready" regardless of the partner. The Donkey has had enough.

  4. lol - sounds like your pitching a new sitcom.

  5. I know how wrong this thought is, but wouldn't it be ironic if she donkey punched him?

  6. "Yeah it's about this traveling Donkey Show see"
    " A Donkey Show?"
    "Yeah , Yeah, and there is this Donkey and his partner, and she is this hot babe, see"
    " A Donkey Show? Like with Bestiality?"
    "Yeah Yeah, but it's ok see,it won't be dirty just cute like 2 and a Half Men, but with a Donkey Show see"
    "A Donkey Show? 2 and a Half Men?"
    "Yeah yeah see, the Donkey it Talks. The Donkey it talks like Mr. Ed but it had the voice of Charlie Sheen"

  7. Once again - F'in hysterical !

    The sad thing is... they'd buy it.

  8. @AzathothX: You seem to know a lot about donkeys!


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