Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sky Freaks


  1. She might be fun in the "Mile High Club" bathroom.

  2. "Most people are unaware about the fact that there is significant radiation exposure associated with air travel because they are well above the Earth's atmosphere," said Robert J. Barish, a radiological and health physicist in New York City. ..
    .. flying raises real risks for pilots, flight attendants, and the half a million business travelers who spend much of their time in the air.
    aka MUTANT!!!
    also I thought everyone knew that large commercial jets have a secret party/lounge area for the crew to fool around and sleep in during flights. No need for cramped,sprain inducing airplane bathroom sex.

  3. I have been looking at this all morning, wondering how I might improve it. I don't think I can so....
    It might need a Star Destroyer.

  4. Great info from Mr. Barish ! It all makes sense now...

    The Red Eye flights are the best - you can do it right there in the seat if your girlfriend can contain herself.

  5. And hope it doesn't turn into a "Pink eye" flight

  6. Ha - not for me, at least... since she did all the work.


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