Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Stackpole 1937


  1. "So that's what Roofies taste like."

    Nice of him to hold her coat though.

  2. lol - yeah, a true gentleman. He could have at least used the coat to cushion her fall.

  3. Will not end well.
    I fear she is about to be receive "the old Pork Sword up the Darvy" so to speak; and give a whole new meaning to the term "Shanghai'd" .
    The anonymity offered by a Uniform can often hide the malice of a Sex Predator; that's what the officer said anyway.

  4. HA - you're patrol officer? "Pork sword up the darvy" - I must fit that into a conversation somehow.

    I remember I used to call a friend who was working on a sound stage and when the receptionist asked who was calling I'd say; "His parole officer." He moved on to bigger and better things... unfortunately, not by choice.


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