Sunday, January 23, 2011



  1. Love your stuff- Love your blog...
    Do you mind if I take from time to time?
    (i'll try to credit when I have control of myself)
    I thought about moving to montclair one, for a couple of moments...
    But Queens is a sod-buster...

  2. Help yourself Wally -

    Yeah, I had to get out of the city. Queens, Williamsburg, and Hoboken are all former haunts - loved them all.
    Ha - Montclair is only worth a couple moments of concideration ;) Stick where the action is !

  3. The Fraternity hazing Danny endured to become a member of Upsilon Phlegma Smegma was more than he had bargained for. The Brothers sacred Combo Beer/Dope Bong covered his entire head.

  4. lol - I was never a fraternity man myself but a combo beer/dope bong seems like the type of hazing I'd enjoy.
    Plus, who wouldn't want to join a frat named after dick cheese and lung snot.


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