Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ample Trunk Room


  1. I KNOW There's supposed to be a car in here somewhere... Oh, there it is, behind the two sexy nude ladies... Wish I could go back in time and be in that trunk w/ 'em. Although, they may never have made it out... Depends on who owned the car.

  2. lol - make sure you have enough rope, a shovel and plenty of lime when you're finished with them.

  3. Clean-ups a breeze! Just attach the hose from the exhaust pipe into the trunk inlet hole on the trailer hitch and rev the engine for a few minutes! That's it! Then discard the trunk contents at the local trailer park, rest stop or freeway embankment! It' just that easy!

    Many Danish cars manufactured in the 60's came with Trunk whores as a factory option. These are now very hard to find and quite collectible.

  4. LMAO !

    You're telling me I went with power window when I could have had trunk whores ?!?! I'm such an idiot ~!

  5. Bob Barker's interview process for selecting the models that present the showcases were brutal.

    "Bitches! When I say 'C'mon down' that means you."

  6. LOL - anything mentioning Bob Barker has got to get a laugh !

    Nice job.


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