Monday, March 28, 2011

The War Camera


  1. That's really a black and white still of a photographer from penthouse. Du-du-chi!

  2. LOL - very funny ! Yeah, so he can zoom in super close or make a print that will cover his wall. Maybe his bedroom ceiling....

    It's funny how everyone has their own way of typing a drumroll rimshot...

  3. Sorry gotta say it.
    "My, that's a big one"
    Vintage Aerial Camera(probably a Fairchild) K-22(or K-17) Kodak Aerostigmat F5.0 305mm. WWII aerial survey and aerophotogrammetry lens. Very flat field. People use these today to make astrographs.
    Fount of useless info.

  4. It is funny how everyone does it. That's why I try not to, because who the hell knows WHAT I'm typing :) But, all is not lost, you got it.

  5. Lenny "Butterfingers" Licari never did receive that medal for ending the war when his fumbled lens cap decapitated the enemy commander on the battlefield below.

  6. All great !

    Nice info Mr. X - I figured you'd know what tyoe... hell, you've probably used one on a shoot.

    LOL - KK - hilarious scenario.


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