Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monster Glory Hole


  1. From Elvgren to cartoon glory hole. You are a true artist. Makes me want to break out some of my pinups and have a go at it with my own imagination.

    ...a go at making pictures I mean to say. :-)

  2. Hahahaha! Monster cock... sounds like a google porn recommendation.

  3. Well, at least the door is properly labeled.
    It's a safe assumption Gossamer's johnson is just as big, red and hairy as the rest of him. It can't be an easy job, at least get her a pillow for her knees.
    Oh, I just know such innnterrrresssting Monsters must have such innnnnntersssssssting genitals.

  4. Both very funny !

    "Innterrressting Monsters..." - perfect Mr. X !


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