Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost Continent Art


  1. WHOA!
    Seriously dude what is this from? You mean it was all based on something besides some Brit. screenwriters hashish infused dream?
    Where is El Supremo? Not to mention John Holmes dude?

  2. Wait this is not right, her boobs are not nearly big enough. That kind of literary license I can deal with.

  3. I remembered that I had this strange photo from years ago with a girl and a balloon harness jutting out from her shoulders. I recently saw it on someone's site and thought I'd dig it out of my files to see if any more info was attached. Nothing.

    I'm pretty sure it's a book illustration. I am dreading going back to the link you sent and watching to movie over again.... hahaha - but there may be something in the opening credits as to who wrote the book. My guess is that what WE watched was a butchered Verne or Wells interpretation. But really, those names would have stood out big time. Hmmmmm... more research ahead.

  4. The movie came from a novel by Dennis Wheatley "Uncharted Seas" 1938
    Evidently lots of changes though

  5. Buoy meets girl.

    I know...cheesy.

  6. KK - cheesy but still funny.

    I knew Mr. X would find info.... nice job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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