Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Shirley Temple Of Doom


  1. Love the title. Miss Temple was always so tiny. It must be nice to finally look down at people for a change.

  2. Yes.
    Wish I found a photo of her with an outstretched arm so I could have placed some in her palm.

  3. A still from the lost and forgotten Bert I Gordon film, based on a story by HG WELLS.
    and shot in 35MM SUPER-PEDO-RAMA.
    Nice work, again I would have overdone it with some eye-lightning death beams. Oh and I do appreciate the Pygmies, thank you.

  4. Your research once again is astounding.

    lol - yes Super-Pedo-Rama.

    I was also looking for a shot of Shirley T holding a spear. Nothing. I did find one of her with ski poles and if turned upside down may have looked like a menacing weapon.

  5. I didn't realize she is still alive.


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