Monday, March 28, 2011

Wide Brim


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  2. I found it on a live journal site - not yours. I don't know your site nor have ever looked at it. Don't flatter yourself.

    No one posts links without my apporval first. Got it toots?

  3. You can email me and I'll send you thee link to the livejournal page - just to fucking prove it.

  4. Oh yes I am familiar with that shitty LJ site that steals many many things from my blog. And how nice it must be to post shit without any knowledge whatsoever as to what it is. Moron.

  5. Toots? How old are you?

  6. So you know the site - why are you bothering me? I told you - I don't know your site nor am I interested in viewing it.

    Moron? Go fuck youself you piece of shit cunt. I'll treat people how they treat me... understand?

    Had you been decent about this - things many have been different.

  7. Posting a link was decent, you just got defensive because you knew you had no clue what the image is and stole it. Loser.

  8. It's people like you who disgust me. They are delusional that they own the rights to a photo just because they posted it whereas on the other hand, I along with many other REAL artists attempt to altar, change or infuse something into an image as a form of entertainment.
    There are so many people who offer nothing to the world - they simply take an image from one place and add it to their. Useless. Senseless. you appear to be one of these people... One day you’ll wake up and say to yourself; M/y God, I’ve wasted my life frittering about doing nothing.”

    Now, I'm finished with you. Pelase leave and don't ever come back.... I know, you will though. You can't get enough of me.

  9. Such a big hat... such a tiny head.

    For myself, I rarely care what an image is, just what it looks like to me. Plus, it hardly bothers me at all even if others use my very own taken-by-myself photographs...

    ...unless they're making gobs of money from them. THEN I'll demand my share!!!

  10. OH the Drama!! I feel weak, where's my Fainting couch??? Ambrose bring me a restorative at once.
    Best line:
    "Toots? How old are you?"
    So busted.
    Good thing she can't hear your voice M otherwise she would know you are really a 93year old Slovakian old maid with a Spanish accent and a lisp like Sylvester the cat.

  11. LOL - "a lisp like Sylvester the cat" - as always Mr. X - sheer brilliance.


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