Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dangers Of Underage Drinking


  1. And on top of THAT... you could get sick and throw up ! So be careful !

  2. Yeah! I would infer that vomiting be induced before machete is stuck to your head,

  3. Another classic. Ted V. Mikels
    The Astrozombies.
    With John Carradine, Tura Satana, and a drunken word-slurring Wendel Corey. Really really bad movie with some hilarious stuff.
    At one point the insane Dr. DeMarco (Carradine) turns to his insane deformed greasy hunchback assistant who is torturing a beautiful babe victim tied to a table,
    and says." No Franchot! You can do your experiments later."

  4. lol !

    Once again, incredible. YOU HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING!

    And not only that... you recall the dialog.

  5. My brother and I use the line "You can do your experiments later" or answer a question with "Later, after my experiments " all the time.
    It is such a ridiculous scene it cannot be forgotten.

  6. What a great line. You're right, it cannot be forgotten and I plan to use it as well whenever possible.

    I'll try a version of it on the next phone solicitor. Maybe I'll pre-record some screams to throw into the background for the full effect.


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