Thursday, March 31, 2011


Willy Ronis


  1. Looks like a Peugeot. They make nice bicycles, cars not so much. He will probably end up getting a ride from some traveling student existentialists and have a philosophy conversion on the road for several hours where he will think and it appears he is actually going to have sex with one or both of them, but doesn't and nothing happens very slowly finally he returns with a repairman to the site of his car, but it is gone.
    He says "Merde"
    The End.

  2. lol - Directed by Godard.

    "Son of Breathless"

  3. Is this like that Charlie Chaplin time traveler video? He looks like he's texting his wife.

  4. HA - He'll probably start freaking out soon because there's no signal and he can't give updates on his FB page.


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