Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mummy


  1. Poster from The Hammer version with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as the Mummy. This is one of those movies where you realize just how lame the Mummy is as a Monster. He is this slow lumbering sloth that anyone over the age of 5 could run away from or just light on fire. So they have to give Cushing a cane and make him crippled and every woman twists their ankles. The light through the body is cool but it never happens in the film that I can recall.

  2. It is a pretty lame movie. The Mummy in general was never that scary IMO. To thwart such a foe - as you say - only requires a decent pair of sneakers... yup, pretty lame.

  3. I have a Hammer Horror ost collection. Great stuff.


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