Thursday, March 31, 2011

Popeye Land

Chicago World's Fair - 1933


  1. Segar goes for the early franchise and merchandising. You think they would have at least done his forearms up right but no; waaay too cheap.
    The Blimps are named for real US Navy ones, all of which eventually were destroyed in uh,lets just call them "Post Traumatic Event Gravity Surges".

  2. Some ride as well... it's only about six-inches off the ground.
    I'd say the scariest part about the blimp ride was having to look at those Popeye masks - especially the one on the left, which oddly resembles a nut-sack.

  3. "This is totally better than Disneyland."

  4. I bet they found all sorts of baby biscuits in that tanker...

  5. Nice "Apocalypse Now" quote.

    Hahaha - Drewsus, you're right - this ride was probably terrifying to youngsters back then.


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