Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'54 Ford FX Atmos


  1. I have always wondered what those needle things are for besides spearing pedestrians.
    I am also thinking that is a turntable floor and really cool. Driver sits in middle two passengers in back. Prototype only with no engine. Passengers in back meant no road head, reach-around only! Not well thought out IMHO.

  2. 'Needle things' are a MUST on all autos.

    The turntable floor is pretty cool but passengers may develop nausea while performing the reach-around maneuver in the event the gizmo malfunctions.
    I know this first hand from getting my wood chopped on the Teacup ride.

  3. Without needles that would be a needless car.

  4. The Jetsons meet the Sting Ray lol

  5. KIRA !?!?!?! You're back on-line !

    Hope you're having an awesome day, sweetie. I'll give you a call this weekend. OR call me whenever... ;)


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