Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lush In A Bra


  1. That's not fair. Anyone who drank something that big would be drunk. It's half the size of her body!
    Secondly, her bra and panties seem to have a luminous radium watch style glow. (as does the giant drink)
    They might be radioactive and she should remove them for safety reasons at once.

  2. lol - VERY FUNNY !

    All I did to this one was remove some text on the cocktail drink. It needs something - don't say little pretzels or salty peanuts. It just needs to be funnier... your comments help.

  3. Underwear Girl: "At any time of the day I like a nice long one inside me - but us girls have to be careful in case it affects our figures!"

    I can't help noticing the pair of strategically placed strawberries atop the 'long one' just to 'ram' home the phallic subtext.

  4. Very funny Borky, and a terrific choice of words. I've always admired clever sexual innuendos.


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