Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sexcessfully Yours


  1. Ha ha! So a lonely person could pretend he's having a party for 20 or so minutes while he drinks, then get the sound effects for his wanking while he beats off to his dirty magazine? Hilarious!

  2. Thank you - yup, that's the idea YVRJon - if he get's lucky and Side A, he can flip the record over !

  3. Funny, but would be funnier if I hadn't lived next door to a giant Party house for the last 15years. "Girls Giggling" is actually drunk girls screaming. Also forgot the sounds of broken beer bottles track and guys yelling DUDE! and Bro!
    Side 2 also has hysterical crying and door slamming, and the tingle tones of handcuffs and police car doors

  4. Not the same DUDE with the Lamborghini, is it?

    It is funny how you describe it - dealing with it is a different story.

  5. Dude smashed the Lambo!
    Smashed it into an Astin-Martin! Not racing but Parking.

  6. HOLY SHIT !

    Major nitwit.

    Last time I was in LA I saw a smashed Aston Martin DB that went through a traffic light on Rodeo. Totaled. Sooooo freakin' sad.... the doofus drive was just standing there looking at his wrecked beauty dumbfounded.


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