Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plane And Aurora



  1. Passenger aircraft passing through the Northern Lights would've been a great set-up for 50's Sci-Fi flick. Either they go into another time and space or get strange powers both would work.

  2. Was lucky enough to see those (a smaller version, since I don't live far enough north for the full show) once. They're hypnotizing.

  3. Wow Jackie - I'm jealous. I've been many places but have never seen the Northern Lights.

    Very cool.

  4. in my research prior to attempting a clever caption (yes...sometimes I spend too much time on this) I learned something cool on Wikipedia when searching for "Aurora (astronomy)". I know the Wiki ain't always fact, but it's still cool.

    Scroll down to "events of historical signifigance", specifically the transmission between telegraph operators using only the power that the aurora provided.

  5. Wow - fascinating ! I love stuff like this, and have never heard of the Great Geomagnetic Storm of 1859.

    "The most intense coronal mass ejections in history..." - amazing.

    Nice job Korbin ! Excellent info ! Thank you !!!


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