Saturday, April 30, 2011

Solid Gold Vampire


  1. (Lame joke #3) Female gold dust says: ' Lick it before you stick, bitch...'

  2. 70's Disco Vampires suck more than regular vampires (not in a good way)
    Guessing this must be from some Penthouse style lower tier clone.
    Bald cap seam makeup job reminds me of
    Invaders From Mars,head tentacled martian in the sphere.
    And of course NADIR in Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.
    Probably fun rubbing that stuff off her (and on)

  3. Keep those lame jokes coming Drewsus - I still crack up at 'um.

  4. Yup, you guess it Mr. X ! Either Penthouse or Hustler - early 80's I think.

    So cheesy I had to post it.

    A better photo spread would have been with the dude rubbing it on and off, as you say.

  5. Damnation... That would be a pain to remove, but, you're probably right with it's application.

  6. Gonna need some milk to go with it. That pie looks rich.

  7. "That pie looks rich" - fucking hilarious !


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