Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Frills Skeleton


  1. I wish the actually came like that. That looks rad, man.

  2. Totally - you should wear something like that on your wedding day !

    I would !

  3. Nix. Already had the wedding day. Perhaps for an upcoming major anniversary?

  4. That is just totally pitiful.
    Paper bag mask would be better.
    If this poor excuse for a skeleton came to my house I would give him the old ice cube in aluminum foil trick. Ice cube melts causing hole in paper candy bag. Shattered Candy Dreams ensue.

  5. Well congratulations Drewsus on the marriage. I tried it once but it wasn't for me... Being a married man you shouldn't spend too much time on this blog or else it will warp your mind.

  6. THE ICE CUBE TRICK !!! Once again, I've learned valuable information !

    Yeah, they could have at least drawn in some freakin' bones. I'd settle for a ribcage.


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