Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drinking With The Skeleton


  1. She should have stopped playing strip poker a few hands ago.

  2. How's this for twisted? On January 30th 2006, I took a photograph of my avatar inside the virtual world of Second Life at an Irish pub called The Blarney Stone that looks very similar to this. I'll try to email it to you. Unfortunately, I only have it in TGA format.

    A short time later, I held my virtual wedding reception at that bar (after having the wedding in a spaceship of course).

    There. Now the already fragile image of me that you might have has been dashed away in a blaze of nerdish glory.

    BTW, I sharpened my captioning skills while publishing a short-lived magazine in that same virtual world. How's that for irony?

  3. Great story.

    Your captioning skills are superb. Getting married in a spaceship is something I'd totally do if I ever go down that road again.

    It's interesting finding out about people.
    Mr. X and Mr. King have quite a bit in common from what I can tell. I too am a nerd - an angry nerd - with a touch of that James Dean loner persona all wrapped up into a gigantic geek.

    SEND THAT PHOTO - I'd love to see it !

  4. Hope he's got a mop handy!


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