Monday, January 24, 2011

Devil Car


  1. Nice ride. Look at the shine on the paint even in B&W. but in my opinion he should have dumped the kid (and "other baggage") and gone for the Porsche. I can only imagine how awesome it was to be able to get your car serviced by Fritz,Jurgen, Johann, Hans and Klaus (who all drove ambulances during the war) at the Factory. This is a '59 the last year they were made by Porsche, a whopping 36hp and right now a cherry black single owner Ca. Coupe goes for $19.5K so I'm guessing a Convertible would be $25-$30 for a VW bug that cost under $2K new!

  2. A hell of an investment. Still $25-$30 G's for a '59 convertible VW seems worth it compared to spending the same amount of dough on a new car that has sacrificed workmanship for a GPS system and a DVD player for the kids.


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