Monday, January 24, 2011

Toon Shot Dead


  1. Couldn't be... Goofy had everything to live for, funny, somewhat articulate and just look at the size of his shoes...

    You've been spending too much time on the set.

  2. A.I know a Kurt and Courtney Scenario when I see it.
    B. If I was on-set I would not have time to spend appreciating your work, still given that unfortunately I am not on-set enough
    C. Please do not make me insert David Caruso & Sunglasses into this scene.
    D. and most importantly.
    If I was on-set more I WOULD HAVE CRAFT SERVICE.
    E. Goofy got what he deserved. He was a chronic incompetent f'up.and the living (not anymore) embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

  3. A. You've been watching too many bad documentaries.
    B. Stop, I'm blushing...(just kidding)... and I'm sure you'll have a 4 AM call-time soon enough.
    C. LOL - please do.
    D. Now, I'm drooling. I just don't buy as much lox, M&M's and sun dried tomatoes as I liked too...
    E. Brilliant ! You've managed to aptly diagnose a cartoon character's psychological make-up while making me crack-up at the same time.


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