Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anything Else.... Fuckhead?

Some douchebag piece of shit cocksuckin' mother fucker had the audacity to interject his dipshit knowledge as to where some of the illustrations I posted originated from. What magazines and so forth... A vain attempt to bolster his insecure mind.
Yeah, I've cropped them and delete text and trimmed them out so that (IMO) they look pretty decent. Sure, I've also added a dildo here and there... you got problems with it? Steer clear of my blog... got it?
I'm NOT trying to make friends, I have plenty... though the ones I have connected with on this blog will stay in my heart ALWAYS. Thank you.

The next time some two-bit loser dork questions me as to my artistic sensibility, I'll fucking close this shit out in a heartbeat.


  1. I know... but I don't pull any punches.

    On the flip-side, I will try my best to alert visitors as to, who, what and where REAL artist can be found.

    SEE ABOVE: Charlie Farrell - the dude's art is spectacular !

  2. I bookmarked it for now...
    After this winter of sitting around, now, everybody wants me...
    It's ok, though, I need the cash.

    Let me know if you are coming into the city,

  3. I will !

    This burst of warm weather yesterday, got me excited.... a bit colder today, but still...

    AND what the hell are you doin' up so early?!?!?!


  4. Well said.

    I enjoy your alterations with our without attribution.

  5. Yeah, this shit gives my eyes a woody. Thanks for sending my neurons into my brain at a faster rate of speed.

  6. Thank you Anonymous.

    Drewsus, you need to see an optometrist :)

  7. Give em Hell

    Damn Philistines

  8. And on the other hand, threatening to close your blog every other week gets mighty old.

  9. Very funny Fritz - good to hear from you.

    Lungworm, you look at my blog every week? That's pretty pathetic.


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