Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Frahm


  1. Mr. Frahm painted a series of these, all with women carrying celery with their panties falling down. Very strange.

  2. I guess Mrs. Frahm didn't buy her panties the correct size. Those undies are huge as a parachute.

  3. Frahm must have had panties fetish. I've seen many... bowling, phone booth, etc. etc.

    Something strangely erotic about some of them.

    The only other pin-up illustrator who I can recall did a 'fallen pantie' illo was Al Brule - lady getting on the tarmac after getting off a plane.

    LOL Felipe, yes big parachute 'granny panties.'

  4. Hah. I always assumed that Brule was a non-celery Frahm painting.


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