Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ask Alexander

Troubled? World got you down? Ask Alexander for answers and insight.


  1. Whats with the Tripod? I have seen a few versions of this poster but none with the Tripod. The whole thing is very nicely rendered

  2. Ahhh the tripod complex - your third leg. The metaphor for the swaggering penis. I can see my son how troubled you are. Tough to walk eh?
    Anyhoo, my advice is not to dwell upon it... Take two aspirin and find a glory hole at the nearest Waspy country club and your problems will be solved.

    Your lucky number are? 36-24-36.

  3. Duh. I was looking too close
    It's the reflection of the camera/tripod and room in the glass of the framed poster! Duh!

  4. Correct !

    I see you'r problems have been healed !


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