Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Barbershop Quartet


  1. Willie, Frank, and Lewis were ready for another game of "Spin the Skank" when Ruby said she was dizzy and had to use the rest room. "Not yet, whore. Stay in the chair" Frank said menacingly, a drop of saliva at the corner of his creepy leering mouth and an open straight razor in one hand and a hot towel in the other. The last thing Ruby remembered was the sound of Willie asking for "the brush" and the sight of striped spiraling poles. When she awoke she only had one thought
    "Why does everything smell like Barbasol?"
    From "Airtight at Frank's Barber Shop"

  2. Perfect pulp.
    LOL - 'airtight' - LOVE IT but have yet to use it in dinner conversation. I did however think of loped today while I was playing with my dog in the backyard and saw a hawk.

    At that future dinner party (after I've insulted everyone) perhaps I'll suggest a game of "Spin the Skank."


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