Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bat In Wax


  1. Lance had been wrong. Way wrong. He had spent the money on the Bat Suit for nothing. Tanya had laughed at him. Her friends had all laughed too. Laughed out loud and pointed. Chris had been right, he should have stuffed his crotch, maybe not with the banana Chris gave him but at least with an avocado. There was something else too; on reflection it appeared there had been no reason to have had his parents murdered by the street thug he had hired.

  2. LOL - THAT'S IT !

    That's what your pulp comic / book should be about...a failed super hero with a small penis who is now not only the quintessential laughing stock of society but repeatedly sabotages things in order to make himself look good. Each time however it backfires and he sinks deeper and deeper into depravity until one day...


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