Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beer Barrel Bimbo


  1. First off she casts the shadow of a HANGED MAN! Could it be the specter of Nazi Germany?
    Secondly, this is going to end with the Frau "airtight" at the Hofbrau; taking 3 for the Fatherland or at least "rolling out the barrel" and see-sawed 'tween Hans and Fritz.
    Finally, someone is going to let the monkeys out of that barrel and then the fun will be over.

  2. lol - 'airtight' - I haven't heard that one in a while.

    I'm sure the afterhours monkey-play can be found on

    It's a sick and twisted world Mr. X - and the Internet is here to prove it.

  3. With such amount of beer, nothing could go wrong.

  4. Wish I could believe you Felipe - you see....
    ALL my troubles started with a naked broad and a barrel of monkeys.

    Now, I have to retain a lawyer to clear things up !


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