Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Monster Greeting Cards


  1. Mr. BIG.(Bert I. Gordon). I liked this movie a lot as a kid. When I was older a colleague told me the VFX sucked and Mr. BIG just used photos of buildings that the 'hoppers are climbing on.
    I saw it later and he was of course right, the Grasshoppers are walking up flat, 2 dimensional buildings pics, sometimes they are walking in the air. At least that means no ugly Matte lines.
    Also I recall Gordon imported the giant insects from somewhere , with no permits or Agriculture check I'm sure, and a bunch died while others escaped. The Deadly Mantis could have cleaned up this mess.

  2. Another mock commercial my friend, Mitch directed when we were kids involved insects. Cockroaches needed for a seedy apartment setting.
    He sent away for various species - someplace (I think) in Georgia.
    He ordered one Madagascar Hissing Beetle. Just because he didn't know what it was... The bug was huge.
    When we let it out of its carton the thing stood on its back legs as if ready to do battle.

  3. That photo was so flat and horrible, I couldn't bear to look at it anymore.
    Mr. BIG should have used a model of a car in the foreground to give it some depth.

    As a kid I liked it too.

  4. Those Monster Greeting Cards appear to be lettered by none other then
    Robt. Crumb.

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  6. Some dick thought he could advertise some shit on my page... I wouldn't mind if he were a follower or even had the common courtesy of asking me first. He didn't - so I deleted it.


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