Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bela And The Magician


  1. Bela is unimpressed by Murry The Magnificent's single skull juggling trick.
    Bela and Donnie agree to toss a coin to see which of them gets first swing at the dime-bag filled Skull Pinata.

  2. Dime-bag filled Skull pinata - what an awesome idea for a party game. I bet the kids in the neighborhood would get a real treat out of that one.

    I can't juggle for shit but the single skull routine I might (if I concentrate hard) be able to handle.

  3. Gringos don't know how to break a piñata. Even if it's a skull piñata full of dimes.

  4. I'll make sure one swing will do the trick... so I can get at what's inside.


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