Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bendix Hot Rod


  1. Cover of Dec 1956 HotRod Magazine (the magazine about CARS not the gay porn one)
    Nice Life o' Riley Rod, though not the best of colors. Now rare Black on Yellow 50's Ca. License Plates, I've got them on one of my cars but it was full DMV hassle. My bro thinks Barris might have built this rod for someone.
    Bendix kicks ass.
    He is gonna put that crescent wrench through that dudes skull for leaning on his ride and playing that damn monkey music too loud.

  2. Wow you know your Hot Rod mags. If you look closely, you can see the grass above Riley's head looks strange from where I cloned-out the text.

    I bet Barris did build it.
    Very cool you've got the classic black on yellow plates.

    Yes, Bendix kicks ass - he was also best friends with one of my uncles.

  3. F-ing cool car. Super cool!


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