Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brooklyn Gangs

Bruce Davidson - 1959


  1. Bobby Dee do ya think I'm pretty?
    Sure baby.
    Really? Pretty as Beyonce or Kei$ha?
    Yeah, sure honey look I cut yo initials inna my arm with my pen cuz I'm crazy 'bout shu See, look here.
    Oh Bobby Dee! But Bobby Dee the J is it's going the wrong way, its backwards and the N kinda looks like a V or ah M or somthin; and is yo arm supposed to be all green and black like that, cuz that don't look or smell quite right.

  2. And so ends another chapter in our story of "Gang Green - The Idiot Punks From Brooklyn" ... stay tuned next week when Joey Pepperoni gets lockjaw while trying to open a beer bottle with his teeth for his gal, Sandy.

  3. F'ing hilarious.
    I so wish I had thought of "Gang Green..."

  4. Appears to be the last stop on the Coney Island train in NYC. You walked down a long ramp that was filled with frankfurter, candy stores and guys hanging about. Never knew what they were doing I was just a kid.

  5. The gool ol' days.

    This was 1959, so I wasn't born yet but I do remember that ramp when I was a kid in 1969.

    The greasers were still there but so were some hippies.


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