Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunny Rabbit Man


  1. David had only been on the new medication for 2 or 3 days, or so he thought as his thinking was becoming muddled and strange to him and he could no longer be sure of anything. "How could this happen?" he attempted to vocalize but the only thing that came out was a small series of huffs and snorts, that sounded alien to his long ears. When he finally got up the courage he stood up and went to the mirror to look at himself. What he saw looking back shocked him; but just then David realized he had WALKED not hopped like he always had but WALKED like one of the bi-peds. His tail was gone too and in it's place but on the wrong side was some strange alien appendage with a sack hanging underneath it. Just then David, still being a rabbit thought "I'm horny where the bitches at?" and that was the last coherent thought David ever had
    The End

  2. Great twist.

    Total micro-fiction at it's best.


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