Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Butterfly Hunter



  1. Tony was eventually allowed out of his room and then his locked ward, to take short trips onto the spacious grounds of the "Retreat". The psychiatric nurses were highly amused by Tony's descriptions of the colorful creatures that flew about the Hospital Garden invisible to all but him. Finally with his Doctors approval the nurses gave Tony a large long handled Buterfly net and told him to catch the creatures he imagined he saw. It was with this Butterfly net that he viscously killed his Doctor by impalemnet on the broken handle. Tony then killed for Nurses with the remaining wire rim and stuffed the cloth netting down one of their thoats before stealing the keys and escaping in a hospital van. He is still at large and consider dangerous.
    Hence the new Hospital policy on no Butterfly Nets.

  2. Brilliant !

    Had I Photoshopped a gorilla in the background as I intended, I would have never gotten to read this superb bit of pulp from Mr. X.


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