Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Enter At Your Own Risk


  1. LOL - I view it as the Uber Chastity Belt.

    No guy would dare get his tallywacker near THAT thing.

  2. LOL - yes, Vagina Dentata to the extreme !

    Very clever !

  3. hahahaha - you're right - this is sex of the most dangerous kind.

  4. I have several Crocodilian heads and skulls(of course I do) and all of them are full of really sharp teeth I do not get my fingers too close to, let alone my prodigious Johnson. Also they do nothave the freshest of aromas. However Crocodilian Mating behavior is amazing to witness.

  5. I have a small stuffed alligator that I got as a kid while vactioning in Florida.

    I must say my Mating behavior is as well amazing to witness.
    Oh the bruises, scars and wine-stained shirts I could show you...


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