Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family In A Firebird


  1. '56 Firebird 2 Titanium Bodied Gas Turbine Family Car. Not the most efficient for city stop and go traffic.I bet it is loud as Hell as well. Plus check the dash and engine pics I am sending you

  2. Love all the buttons on switched on the dash but what the hell do they all do incredible !

    The engine is totally amazing - it looks like The Fat Boy A-Bomb.

  3. Fat Boy, Totally.
    All the dials are like on a Jet cocxkpit. Turbine speed , fuel pressure for every nozzle, and such.
    Pretty wild.

  4. Wild indeed !

    Meant "buttons and switches" - you obviously figured that out - boy, was I tired last night.

  5. This car seems built for a woman because checking those all those dials must be like talking on a cell-phone, painting ones nails, drinking coffee and flipping through Vogue while doing 80 down the highway.


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