Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fantastic Voyage

Promo poster


  1. Hotter when in skin tight scuba suit being attacked by slimy anti-bodies.
    I actually saw this in a theater at either the CINERAMA Dome or Grauman's Chinese with my Parents when it came out in '66.
    It was awesome. I was really into it. Life or Look Magazine ran an article on the Special Effects, and there was a TV segment about the making of, all of which I loved. Might be the first Raquel movie I ever saw. Thank you dad.

  2. Very cool.
    Had it not been for your Dad taking you to the movies, you may have never fallen in love with special effects and would have now been working in a bank.

    I probably saw FV a few years later at a drive-in as a double feature because, being 3-years old when it came out, I doubt I would have remembered it as much as I do. I'm very thankful as well to my parents for all the movies I got to see in those days.


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