Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Green Room

Stephan Shore


  1. The kind of hotel where you take the comforter off right away, curse and regret having watched too many forensics shows and are thankful you don't have a UV black light.
    Where I grew up "Lunch in the Green Room" meant

  2. The first part is so very true - can't find a motel after driving all night and this place is the only one available... I'll sleep in my car.
    Interesting about that meaning 'surfing.'
    I don't remember it used much in production but in the theater it's where the celebrities and their guests would hang out... obviously, you knew that.
    I'd just love to stuff them all into a place like the photo above - refreshments would include oily, curly fries still in the Burger King bags they came it.


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