Sunday, March 6, 2011



  1. - great collage, do you know who did it?
    like your site, i've linked to you

  2. Thanks - carywd.

    It's actually from a 1950's magazine layout. I removed the text using Photoshop and I'm pretty sure no artist was credited.

    The magazine, I believe was "Whisper."

  3. Grabbing for that '50s American Dream: automatic washer and sewing machine for the missus, golf and fishing on the weekends, a mink for the mistress ans a couple of reels of TJ donkey show to show at the Boys on "pinochle night" ;but settling for a Buick instead of a Caddy

  4. Perfectly put !

    What's funny is the article was called 'Larceny On Order' - so if you couldn't obtain the American Dream, you could always have someone steal it for you.


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