Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lost Continent


  1. Dinosaurs, Native babe, Atomic Rockets, The Joker whats not to like?
    You should check out the '68 flick with the same name, you will dig it. It is a laugh riot of randomness. Intoxicated is the preferred viewing method

  2. The Atlantis one? Yes, I haven't seen that. I'll drink some cough syrup when I do...

    Been catching up on old sci-fi, horror and monster movies that I haven't seen in years - as I told you.
    Didn't realize The Riddler was in Invasion of the Saucermen, nor did I realize that the exterior of a Frank Lloyd Wright house was used in House On Haunted Hill. I think it was the Ennis House and I'm pretty sure Harvey Weinstein now lives there.

  3. No not the Atlantis one
    This one
    a must see for sheer lunacy purposes

  4. HA - "It starts out like the Love Boat on acid...." It sounds like you wrote the description for IMDB.

    Are those giant potatoes on their heads?

    Sounds great - I'll make sure I see it !


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