Friday, March 25, 2011

Maurice Tillet

Irving Penn - 1946 - entitled: The Angel


  1. Ah yes the strange case of Maurice Tillet aka The French Angel. Not to be confused with the Swedish Angel Tor Johnson, or the original, Swedish Angel Phil Olafsson. I don't think Rondo Hatton ever wrestled but Acromegaly does seem to lead a lot of individuals to squared circle,(like Andre the Giant
    ).Rumor is the twisted visage of Mr. Tillet was an inspiration in the design of Shrek.

  2. Oh yes, I can easily believe that rumor about Tillet and Shrek. I had to look up Olafsson - I have seen his face before (not easily forgettable) but didn't know much about him.

    While working in the theater, I used to hear tales of Andre the Giant. He used to drink often at Les Pyrenees, a French restaurant across the street from The Gershwin.

  3. to paraphrase the great Terry Funk, "Andre was the nicest guy in the world but never offer to take him to dinner". Considered the largest alcoholic of all time.

  4. Again didn't know that except for the stories of Andre's drinking that I heard.

    "Biggest Alcoholic of All Time" - I'm sure some stagehands can attest to that as well.


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