Friday, March 11, 2011

Monroe And the Midget


  1. WTF? This whole scene looks way too weird.
    At the Fetish Ball Pre-Op Transexual Marilyn Impersonator jacking off with the help of Clown Midget as CreepCop cheers and jeers them on? Holy Bad Fellini Nightmare Batman. Will they even let you sell Tranny Marilyn Impersonator Jizz on Ebay?
    Clown Midget is not helping matters at all.

  2. Lucky hobbit... hahahahaha !

    I know Mr. X, it is scary and has all the trappings of a Fellini film.

    What's even scarier is that's it's really her. 1955 - when she appeared at the circus. It's just a strange shot.

    On the left hand side of the photo you can see INP - International News Photo.


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