Monday, March 14, 2011

More Booze For Mom


  1. ZOMG! This is my exact life. Well, I homeschool, so the kids see my many cocktails. Also we live in a pretty shabby house. BUT OTHERWISE, nail hit on head.

  2. HAHAHAHAH - Luckily you've got kids to do the 'dirty work' - I've gotta walk two-miles on my own ! Ridiculous !

    I need to start paying some kids in the neighborhood to 'do my chores.'

  3. The liquor had gotten Ellen's courage up. She had already convinced Sam to go get her more from the bar at his parents house and it had been all to easy. Now he was returning and she had to decide whether to continue with the rest of her scheme. As she watched the elegently cuffed, young lad walk up her drive with a fresh bottle in his hand she knew she would have to go through with it. "Sam I have always thought you were the most attractive of all my son's playmates; here why don't you relax while I pour us a drink...."
    from Achievement Unlocked a Modern Guide for Young Gamers

  4. Good Lord ! She's not going to allow him to play with her "X BOX" is she?


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