Saturday, March 19, 2011

Popular Pulp


  1. "But 5K's not that much money to you, why can't I have it?" she pleaded.
    "A new pair of bolt-ons ain't gonna fix whats wrong with you sister." he growled back between chews of perfectly broiled Filet Mignon . "You're gonna be a "butterface" whether or not yah got Casabas or Key Limes strapped to your chest" and that was the last thing Howie ever said , because as he was saying it Clarice stabbed him in the chest with her Veal Chop and he keeled over in a heap, spitting bloody pieces of perfectly broiled Filet across the room. "Damn" she said rifling through his wallet, "Only $22 bucks, I wonder if Beverly Hills Asceticians will take his credit card.

  2. LOL - you don't know how many times due to drab dinner conversation I've wanted to stab my date with a veal chop.


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