Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prehistoric Man In Clay


  1. They had all laughed at him and called him disgusting names; but Bernard knew there was a market for his CroMag LoveDoll with full French Action.

  2. LMAO - f'in hilarious - once again.
    However, now I cannot look at this photo without imagining some apish dude trying to stick his tallywacker into that hideous clay mouth.

  3. I usually assume that the prosthetic make-up artists always "christen" their works even if it's just severed body parts.
    Parts is parts and lubed Latex feels good, uh or so I have been told.

  4. lol - "parts is parts"... I'm sure lubed-up Latex does feel pretty good.

    I'm just happy that after creating a spectacular culinary dish, the chef doesn't "christen" his work-of-art.


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