Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sex For Dummies


  1. My guess is he is reading chapter 69. Or chapter "reverse cowgirl".

  2. See honey I told you there was no such thing as "cunnilingus".
    See honey I told you. You are supposed to suck it, it turns out Blow is just a figure of speech.
    OK honey now that my shoes are off we can continue where we left off, chapter 26.4 "Shrimping"
    But Honey, it says it right here Role Playing is good for a relationship. Now hand me my lighter and open your blouse and act like Debbie Harry in Videodrome.
    Ok Honey, first we are going to need the shower curtain, a framing hammer, the eels and the corn oil from the pantry.
    Turn em upside down they all look the same

  3. I thought for sure you'd have a field-day concocting some hilarious dialogue for this one, and sure enough you did.
    The 'shrimping' - perfect and very funny !


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