Friday, March 11, 2011

Spilling The Loot


  1. Beware, she's got a dildo and is not afraid to use it.

  2. As Tina tripped and the contents of the case spilled into the dirt, Kurt felt his heart fall into his socks and he almost collapsed on the ground next to the blond pile of soft meat, now laying prone in the grime, that was the fallen Tina. He could have run off and left her there to take the heat while he escaped, but what would be the point of it now?
    When she had let her case open his dream had ended, game over man. He had never planned on taking her with him, and in recent days he thought she might have suspected why, but he had not planned on ditching her til the Airport. Damn why hadn't the bitch done like he asked and bought 2 different valises? Why did she have to get identical ones.
    "WTF!? OMG? Kurt why is there a huge dildo in my bag with the money?"
    But Kurt did not answer Tina because when the case opened and the contents flew Kurt knew that he was carrying the valise full of newspaper the one meant for Tina.
    You're welcome.

  3. Taken from a b&w interior illo from the golden age of Men's "Sweat mags".

  4. Are you some sort of fucking dork?

    Does it's make your dick hard to identify things that have no meaning? This blog is for sear enjoyment and IF you post another comment annonymously in some vain attempt to brag about how pathetically smart you THINK you are it will be deleted.


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